NZCAPE™30+ Propolis


Natural protection of bees

Bees harvest resin from young tree branches such as poplars and mix it with wax and enzymes. Propolis, also called putty resin, is used for protection and hive sealing.

NZCAPE™30+ Propolis:

New Zealand speciality

New Zealand propolis is characterized by a high concentration of bioactive substances such as flavonoids and phenols and their esters (e.g. CAPE).

The CAPE content (caffeic acid phenethyl ester) in propolis from New Zealand exceeds that of other countries and is an indicator of its high quality. Cosana Propolis NZCAPE™30+ guarantees min. 30 mg CAPE in 10 g pure propolis.


Highly sought after since ancient times

For centuries, people have used propolis for their well-being.

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Cosana's NZCAPE™30+ Propolis from New Zealand