About Us

Cosana is a corporate group owned by the Schmid and Terao families, specializing in the production and sale of Manuka honey from New Zealand.

Cosana has its own subsidiary in New Zealand that supplies certified honey products to Cosana Japan and Cosana Europe.

Unser Team


Person 1 Name

Dr. Gerhard Schmid

Group Chairman

Dr. Gerhard Schmid is a Ph.D. microbiologist. He has worked in the industry for 36 years, with the last 17 years serving as the head of a biotechnology division.

  • In 2019, together with Prof. Dr. Keiji Terao, he co-founded Cosana Europe GmbH and Cosana New Zealand.

  • Dr. Gerhard Schmid is the Chairman of the Cosana Group and the Managing Director of Cosana Europe GmbH.

  • He is also a hobby beekeeper and has a deep love for nature and bee products. His expertise supports all activities of the Cosana Group.


Person 2 Name

Maximilian Schmid

Managing Director Europe
  • Bachelor of International Business from the Munich Business School.

  • Masters of Management from the IE Business School in Madrid.


Person 3 Name

Prof. Dr. Keiji Terao

President of COSANA Co. - Cosana Japan.

Dr. Keiji Terao founded COSANA Co., Ltd. in 2006 as a health food company. In 2008, COSANA started selling Manuka honey in Japan, and today COSANA has the highest market share of Manuka honey in Japan.

  • July 2002: CycloChem Co., Ltd. was founded.

  • April 2006: COSANA Co., Ltd. was founded.

  • April 2012: Guest Professor at the Graduate School of Medicine, Kobe University.

  • April 2012: Guest Professor at the Department of Health, Sports, and Nutrition, Faculty of Health and Well-being, Kobe Woman's University.

  • October 2019: Guest Professor at the Mongolian National University.


Person 4 Name

Chris Bowman

CEO Cosana New Zealand

Joined the team in May 2021, following a successful career in the New Zealand honey industry, where he planned and built several successful honey export and accredited honey testing laboratory companies.

  • Quality, workplace culture, and a passion for the industry have significantly contributed to recognition within the industry and among its employees.

  • Over the past six years, membership in the 'Apiculture New Zealand Standards, Compliance, and Regulatory' focus group has ensured firsthand access to global innovations.

  • Certificate of Higher Education in Business Management – Open University UK.